6 Things to Do Before Listing Your St. George Home for Sale

One of the most important things to do when getting to list your St. George home for sale is prep work and you can help your home to sell for the most money by starting your prep work NOW as you follow these simple tips.


The first key to success with prep work as you get your St. George home ready for sale is to de-personalize your space.

Start by removing family pictures, artwork, collectibles and other personal affects which you have accumulated over the years to turn your home into a “blank canvas” which will be appealing to home buyers.

As you de-personalize your home it’s important to also be honest and ask yourself which items are worth keeping, and which items are worth throwing away, since you may be surprised in the fact that most of what you own now may not fit in your next home.

Tip 2 – De-Clutter

Start in your living room and go through each room in your home.

Remove items which you are not currently using, create piles for those items which you want to keep, and those items which you want to give away.

Tip 3 – Deep Clean Your Home

After you’ve taken the steps to de-clutter your home take the time to do a complete deep cleaning.

For best success consider hiring a professional cleaning company since most commercial cleaning companies will take the time to clean areas you might miss when cleaning on your own.

Tip 4 – Do Small Maintenance Projects

When you’re cleaning, and de-cluttering your home, it’s important to also take the time to complete small maintenance projects around your home like adding new caulking around windows, painting inside, fixing leaking faucets, cleaning mini-blinds and upgrading lighting fixtures.

Tip 5 – Add More Detail to Your Landscaping

Choose at least one weekend to add new plants to your landscaping and revitalize your homes curb appeal.

Tip 6 – Take Great Photos

Last of all, but most important, remember to take great photos of your home before listing it for sale.

If you’re taking photos of your home yourself make sure you open the curtains to let plenty of light in your home and remove clutter from desks, counters and other surfaces inside your home.

For more tips on how to get your St. George home ready for sale, or to view the latest listings for homes in Southern Utah, contact me, Lance Hill, Principal Broker with (435) 862-3303.

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