Build A Fence And Add Value To Your Home?

Improving kitchens and bathrooms are two of the biggest areas in a home that most experts will tell you to improve if you’re serious about adding value to your home but what about building a fence on your property?

Will this add value as well?

The answer is yes.


Although chain link is one of the most common fences which homeowners choose across the United States the reality with fencing is that you can add more value to your home by investing in an all wood fence.

Wood fences look great, add more privacy and tend to be more desirable for buyers who are searching for their “ideal home” vs. chain link or other types of fences.

Where to Buy a Fence?

In 2015 you can buy a fence almost anywhere from local stores like Home Depot and Kohl’s to the internet via a fencing company website.

Before you buy a fence make sure that the fence you choose matches the style of your home since it’s easy to choose the wrong fence which will only stand out as a “sore thumb” when compared to the home.


Last of all, but most important, as you are in the process of having a fence installed on your property don’t forget to improve the curb appeal in front of your home as well by reseeding and aerating your grass, planting new flowers and trees plus repainting or replacing your mailbox.

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  1. Thanks for this post! You’re absolutely right—some fences are definitely “sore thumb” material and should never have been installed in the first place. Personally, I feel that if you’re going to install a fence, you’re essentially installing an extension of your home. It should feel matching, down to time period, colors, and material used. As a property buyer, if the curb appeal isn’t there, I won’t even bother going inside; seeing an ugly fence tells me all I need to know. Thanks again for sharing!

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