Should You Buy A New Or Fixer Upper St. George Home?

In today’s Real Estate market many buyers are faced with the decision to buy a new St. George home, or a fixer upper, which may need some work before it becomes habitable.

Buying a new St. George home versus a fixer upper is a big decision that’s why in this post I will break the positives and negatives of both decisions so you know what to expect when buying a new or fixer upper home.


When you buy a new St. George home you can have confidence in the fact that your home will be: structurally sound, up to code and compliant with all of the safest building materials which have been in use since 1978.

Another benefit of buying a new home is that your house will also be under warranty as well so you can have confidence in knowing that should anything go wrong in your new home within the warranty period you can get repairs made without having to pay an extra cost.


Although buying a new home is exciting it’s important to remember that you may be moving to an unfinished neighborhood where you may not have the same view or neighbors as when you moved in.


If you’re searching for a St. George Utah Fixer Upper home you will benefit from buying a home which has the following:

Desirable neighborhood
More “charm” than older homes
Mature landscaping


One big thing to remember when buying a fixer upper is that these homes don’t always tell their entire “story” until you’ve taken down walls or started your renovations.

To avoid getting caught working on an expensive renovation it’s best to add an additional $10,000 (or more) to your home renovation budget just so you have plenty of money to complete your renovation project.

For more tips on buying a new vs. fixer upper St. George home or to view the latest homes for sale across Southern Utah contact me, Lance Hill, Realtor ® with Utah Luxury Homes by clicking here to contact me through my website or calling me at (435) 862-3303.

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