What Can You Expect When Selling Your St. George Home

Are you planning on selling your St. George Utah home in the coming year?

If you’ve never sold a home before here’s some of the things you can expect after listing your St. George home for sale.


Before listing your home on the Multiple Listing Service your Real Estate Agent will most likely recommend things you can do to get your home ready for sale including the following:

De-clutter your home by removing excess furniture and items you may not be using regularly.
Clean the home from top to bottom, including your windows.
De-personalize your home by removing personal mementos and marks which you’ve left on your home over the years.
Stage your home by placing a minimal amount of furniture in each room to emphasize the homes space and draw buyer’s eyes to your homes special features.

Step 2 – Take Pictures of Your Home

Once your home is ready for sale your Realtor will work with a professional photographer to take photos.

Professional photographs of your home are necessary since you really only have 5 seconds to catch a buyer’s attention online.

If they don’t find your home interesting the buyer will ignore your house and continue their home search.

Step 3 – Listing Your House for Sale

After professional photos and video are taken of your St. George Home the next step will be to list your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Besides listing your home on the MLS your Real Estate Agent will also market your home online via Real Estate websites like Trulia, Zillow, ActiveRain and their own Real Estate website.


Now that your home is listed and ready to be sold the next step is to be prepared for the day to day responsibilities of selling your home which include:

Having a lock box on your front door.
Placing a sign in your front yard.
Leaving for a couple of hours during your open house.
Answering your Real Estate Agents calls and accommodating them if they have buyers who are interested in visiting your St. George Home.
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For more tips on how to sell your St. George home, or to view homes for sale, contact me, Lance Hill, Principal Broker with Southern Utah Realty Group by calling me at (435) 862-3303

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