First Time St. George Home Buyer Tips

Buying a home for the first time in St. George is an exciting experience since you’re finally going to own your own property and have the ability to decorate, renovate and create the home of your dreams.

In today’s post I will cover 5 tips first time home buyers should follow when buying St. George homes.


Before choosing a friend, family member or associate who recently got their Realtor’s license, take the time to search online for an experienced Realtor.

Take the time to research a Realtors credentials online and call their references (if necessary) so you can feel confident in their ability to serve you.

The difference between a new and experienced St. George Realtor is HUGE because, an inexperienced Realtor might NEED to make the sale while an experienced Real Estate agent will be focused on serving you regardless if you buy a home or not.

Tip 3 – Review Their Licensing Information Online

Thanks to the Internet you have the ability to research a St. George Realtor’s license information online to find out if they have had any complaints or disciplinary actions taken against them in the last 12 months.


Yes you may feel like you’re hitting it off with a Realtor but before hiring them to help you buy a home in St. George take the effort to make sure you feel confident in how well they know the area.

Tip 5 – Does Your Realtor Really Listen To You?

Last of all, but most important, make sure your Realtor really listens to what you’re saying and will help you find a St. George home which has your must haves and should haves as well as a home which falls within your budget.

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