What You Need To Know About St George Utah Real Estate

So you’re thinking about relocating huh? Doing your research wondering where to go? If you’re getting ready to retire soon, or thinking about relocating somewhere else and you’re doing your research about where you should move? Well then consider St. George Utah, and here’s why: St. George has constantly ranked in the Top 5 of […]

St. George Real Estate – Average Mortgage Interest Rate for 30-Year Mortgage Drops To 4 Percent

By Lance Hill If you plan on buying St. George Real Estate one of the most important parts of the Real Estate market you should be watching is mortgage interest rates because, the rate that you ultimately end up paying will also affect your mortgage interest rate as well. In the last week we’ve seen […]

St. George Home – 10 Ways to Make Your Home More Desirable to Buyers

      By Lance Hill St. George – One of the best ways you can attract the right buyers for your St. George Home is to create the type of home which will attract the buyers you want to sell your home to. In today’s post we will share with you 7 steps you […]

Home Renovation Tips – How To Renovate The Living Room In Your Southern Utah Home WITHOUT Spending A Lot Of Money

By Lance Hill Besides the kitchen and bathroom in your Southern Utah Home, your living room is the area of your home where you spend the most time. These steps will help you improve the look of your living room and get your home ready for sale if you plan on selling your home in […]

Why Is Staging Your St. George Home So Important BEFORE Listing It For Sale?

      By Lance Hill St. GEORGE – Selling your home is an exciting decision to make because you’re taking a big step to move onto the next home of your dreams regardless if you plan on up sizing to a bigger home, or downsizing. If you’re not familiar with the concept of staging […]

Build A Fence And Add Value To Your Home?

      By Lance Hill Improving kitchens and bathrooms are two of the biggest areas in a home that most experts will tell you to improve if you’re serious about adding value to your home but what about building a fence on your property? Will this add value as well? The answer is yes. […]

St. George Homes for Sale – How to Be A Smart Home Buyer

  ST. GEORGE – Summer time is almost here and with the local Real Estate market heating up there are more people than ever before who will be searching for St. George Homes for Sale. Thankfully, you can give yourself the advantage, and be a smart home buyer by following these simple tips. 1 – […]

6 Things to Do Before Listing Your St. George Home for Sale

    By Lance Hill One of the most important things to do when getting to list your St. George home for sale is prep work and you can help your home to sell for the most money by starting your prep work NOW as you follow these simple tips. Tip 1 – De-Personalize Your […]

4 Secrets For Selling Your St. George Utah Home For The Most Money

  By Lance Hill Are you planning on selling your St. George Utah home? The 2015 Real Estate market is shaping up to be another great year for homeowners and if you’re planning on selling your St. George Utah Home, you should be able to sell it for the most money since we are at […]

3 Tips For Buying Utah Luxury Homes

      By Lance Hill As a home buyer who is searching for Utah Luxury Homes you have plenty of home inventory to choose from and low mortgage interest rates which make buying a luxury home very affordable. The reality when it comes to buying a luxury home in Utah is that you still […]