What Are The Best Colors For Your St. George Home?

Have you been thinking about doing some renovation in your St. George home?

This is a smart choice, especially if you plan on selling your house during 2015 and want to insure that your home will be visually appealing to potential home buyers.

One of the most visually stimulating colors that you should considering having in your home during 2015 is Greek Blue.

Greek Blue is a beautiful color which can be found throughout towns in Greece like Santorini and it pairs perfectly with pink or grey.

If you were alive in the 1960’s you will remember colors used in the home like orange and olive.

The same shades which were popular in the 60’s are back in style again.

These colors will pair perfectly with almost anything, especially antique furniture or those funky pieces of furniture you may have stowed away in your garage.

Besides 1960’s colors you may have loved growing up you can also tap into the colors of the 80’s including purple, green, aqua blue, pink and orange.

$$$ Decorating On a Budget $$$
If you’re redecorating or staging your St. George home remember that you don’t have to go “overboard” with color.

For example: Instead of painting the rooms in your home different colors try buying through rugs, pillows or other accessories to your home that way you can still enjoy the benefits of having more color in your home without going overboard with your color choices.

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